Out, damn yeast


Keeping healthy doesn’t just meant eating the right things and doing good exercise. It also meant having a good mentality about things and keeping your other body parts/temple/ shrine in tip top condition.

I recently had a bout of yeast infection which made me itch and miserable but cost me a bomb too. I don’t know why I never thought of seeking a GP’s help first. My first instinct was to go to my gynae which meant looking at my vajayjay while charging me a bomb. Totally doesn’t make sense. Anyhow.

It’s the first time I got an infection and I thought it’d go away after a dose of medication but nope. It seems that re-occurence is common. Upset and distressed, thinking all these weird thoughts, I was on the verge to go back to my gynae when Wen Bunny told me to just see a GP. This lady GP was great. Gave me a pessary and some cream and told me some tips my silly gynae never told me!

Tips for you ladies:
1) Personal hygiene is key obviously. Love your vajayjay. Use gentle soap.
2) Use a condom if you’re sexually active and if you’re on the pill or married and not using rubber, make sure your partner is not complaining of itch as well. It will just be a miserable case of you spreading to him, healing, and him spreading it back to you. Get him checked too.
3) Panties. Throw away your old panties. Honey, it’s time to get new ones.
4) Sun those panties. If they are relatively new, great, but make sure you sun those undies! Due to me not having a housekeeper now, I do my laundry loads at night only and that could be a culprit. Washing doesn’t mean killing bacteria and hence there could still be traces of yeast bacteria on your panties. So, sun ’em, kill ’em.

Anymore tips to share? Comment or email us!


Nom Nom Nom

I recently popped by my favourite health store, Pink of Health at Millenia Walk for some snack bars. I discovered Think Products. The packaging says it all – “superfood nutrition bar for optimum vibrance”. Hmm, interesting. What caught my attention was “over 1Tbs of power greens” – wow, really? I mean I eat alot of salad but I don’t think I eat enough leafy greens during the week. I had to get one of these Think Green: Blueberry Noni to see how good it is.

Organic dates, brown rice syrup, blueberries (blueberries, evaporated cane juice, sunflower oil), raisins, soy protein isolate, peanut butter, thinkGreen Superfood (apple pectin, lecithin, cracked cell chlorella, organic alfalfa grass juice powder, organic spirulina, brown rice germ, spinach leaf powder, broccoli powder, carrot powder, acerola berry juice powder, beet juice powder, green tea extract, grape seed and skin extract, parsley leaf powder, pea powder), walnuts, cashews, honey, natural flavors, noni powder, salt. Contains soy, peanuts, organic cashews and walnuts.

Fitness Bunny Verdict: It looks like a block of fermented greens – to be honest. Once I took a bite, you don’t even remember what it looks like anymore. I can taste some green extracts – you know raw vegetables but the brown rice syrup, dates and blueberries overpower the greens. The bar is pretty substantial – not a meal replacement though. Good to try!

Lizanne Falsetto, CEO of Think Products.

Think Products was started by Lizanne Falsetto who lived a crazy lifestyle as a former runway model. At a turning point of her life, she realized the importance of health and natural food – thus, Think Products was born. I mean look at her, doesn’t she look great? I would love to age gracefully over time – and of course, this starts by taking care of yourself from the start. Yes, this means RIGHT NOW. If you lead a busy lifestyle, you need nutritious bars to keep you going. Fast food and vending machine cuisine are NOT options – so don’t even think about it. Start stocking your office and school bags with healthy snacks.

To be honest, I’m really trying. It’s tough but you have to make a choice. It’s all about determination.

Wen Bunny

I recently subscribed to SELF magazine (U.S.) and I was extremely excited when I received my July 2009 issue just a couple of days ago.

Today, I was determined to try some of these workouts at the gym. The ‘star body’ moves are created by Hollywood trainers to train celebrities such as Jennifer Garner, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and etc. There are various workouts to flatten your abs, tighten your butt and tone those arms. My main priority is to build strength and tone my triceps (yes, no more chicken wings!). I did the Triceps Toner, Abs Flattener and Total Tightener – and now, I’m beat!

Try them now! I swear you’ll feel awesome after. Have a great weekend!

Wen Bunny

Liv Tyler loves hula-hooping!

According to Honeysquad, Liv Tyler says the only way to stick to an exercise regime is to find something enjoyable, so she got herself a hula hoop. β€œI put my favorite song on and stand outside in my LA home and hula hoop in every direction until the song is over and I’m all out of breath. It’s really fun.”

Cute or what?

If you’ve never hula hoop before (where on earth have you been?), here’s an instructional video on how you can do it better than your friends. Yes, I’ve turn to the power of YouTube. It’s really easy – so don’t be discouraged! And most importantly, it’s really really fun!

Wen Bunny

I’m back from Taiwan for a week now – sorry for the hiatus. This week’s workout of the week is to focus on your arms. I envy women with toned, beautful arms. I am definitely working on my ‘chicken wings’ – yes, there’s a reason why I pose with my hands on my hips πŸ˜€ Anyway, I really admire these celebrities and their toned arms. My goal is to have a lean, toned arm in 3 months – not necessarily chunky, even though it’s a little muscular right now (from my pole dancing!).

Jessica Alba

Women’s Health has a good article on how to sculpt those sexy arms. Here are the moves that you should incorporate into your workout:

Works Shoulders
Grab a 5-to 8-pound dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, arms at your sides (A). With arms straight but not locked, raise the weights in a V shape until your arms are parallel to the floor (B). Hold for 1 second, then return to start. Do 12 to 15 reps. Tip If you arch your back or swing the dumbbells for momentum, use less weight.

Works shoulders, upper back, and biceps
Grab a dumbbell in each hand and stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent. Hold the dumbbells just above your shoulders, palms facing each other (A). Press the weights up until your arms are straight overhead (B). Hold for 1 second, then take 3 seconds to lower the dumbbells back to start. Do 6 to 8 reps.

Works core, shoulders, upper back, biceps, and triceps.
Grab the dumbbells and get into the top of a pushup position with your hands on the weights and your feet slightly wider than hip-width apart (A). Bend your right arm and raise the dumbbell to chest level, pressing the left dumbbell into the floor for balance (B).Lower the weight to the floor, then repeat the move on the left side. That’s 1 rep; do 6 to 8.


Wen Bunny

I think I am B2!

Banana rama frantic pizza!
Okay, I’m just rambling.

Wen Bunny was in Taiwan for the whole of last week and hence this blog lacks her presence. I’ve been dealing with an overwhelming of work in ad land and hence my hiatus as well.

I got my belated birthday pressie from sweetheart Wen Bunny recently and she got it all the way from the land of the rising sun- Japan.

Being healthy bunnies, we do our exercises and eat our daily veggies and fruits. Banana is the one fruit that gives you the energy boost and satisfies your hunger. But it’s a pain bringing bananas around. I’ve had squashed bananas in my bag (not a pretty sight I tell you) and bruised bananas from all the banging with my bag full of paraphernalias… until this!


What in god’s name of the heavenly world and beyond is this!?

It’s the banana case. Trust the Japanese for all these BRILLIANT innovations.
I now put my banana in it at ease, without fear of it being squashed or bruised. Total brilliance.



Blown out of your mind? Go online to check! Or if you/ your friends are visiting Japan soon, go get ’em!


Jan Bunz

What a nice title right!

So I’m just sharing some goodness I saw on Oprah.
Nothing new really but for once I actually paid attention to what to eat… maybe it has something to do with me just turning 26 recently. Yes, happy birthday to me! XOXOXOXOXO

To summarize, we need to be happy inside and out. To do that, we need to eat right, exercise, and be emotionally balanced. This is what I’ve interpreted in terms of the key learnings… alternatively you can of course go to oprah.com to find out more.

In my excitement, I immediately (talk about pro-active!) went to purchase some of the items.

1) Blueberry is number one in anti-oxidant which help fights ageing
2) Followed by a varied of other food like broccoli, tomatoes, green tea, white tea
3) We need to eat fibre as part of our meals (bearing in mind not to over eat if you are just starting out on a fibre diet lest you erm, crap too much). Whole grain bread is good but ensure it’s 100% whole grain. I bought myself some whole grain cereal with banana instead.
4) Steel cut oats are good for fibre as well


1) You need to meditate, and be at peace with yourself. I’ve done yoga for a period of time before and trust me it works. I felt so happy and at peace with myself and I became better tempered. I promise myself to go back to yoga soon… The best part is you can just take the 5 mins when you wake up… take deep breaths and smile. It helps me. Try it.

2) Sweat it. Now there’s a formula to ensure you are exercising enough to burn fats.
Take 220 minus your age. Then multiply by 0.8. The result is the ideal heart rate you should be having during your exercise. 20 mins x 3 times a week and you will see the difference. If you have any medical condition, please ensure you check with your doc first ok!

3) Sex. Ah. Sex. Now, 2-3 times a week. But you know what? I say do more!

Jan Bunny